Insights from Technical Manager, Matt McAndry.

In recent weeks, Kytun has introduced our latest solution for the roofing market.

It has been independently BRE tested and proven to withstand wind forces at least 10 times higher than the maximum expected wind uplift in the UK or Ireland

The Problem – Traditional Roofing Challenges

As the Technical Manager, I see first hand the challenges that both roofers and merchants face daily with traditional roofing methods.

  • Availability & Supply issues –Obtaining slate and half-sized units is a struggle.
  • Colour Matching: Inconsistent batch colours from quarries.
  • Price Increases: Currently £7.50 per unit, with an anticipated rise to £10.
  • Shipping Costs: Expensive relative to standard-size slate.

Specific Issues for Roofers

The lack of slate and a half products in the market has caused significant delays on-site and issues with colour matching. The cost of these products is also set to rise significantly, adding to the difficulty.

Specific Issues for Merchants

Merchants face availability issues and the challenge of colour-matching natural slates. Underperforming verge options have led to a demand from merchants for better-performing products.

The Solution: Kytun Performance Plus Aluminium Dry Verge

For Roofers

  • Time / Installation savings – Roofers can use standard size stock slates and halve them on site, with no need to trim slates for “alternative bonding solutions”.
  • Material & Cost savings – There is potential to benefit from significant savings (circa £400 per roof) from not buying slate-and-a-half products and eliminating waste from alternative bonding solutions.
  • Sharp Aesthetic Finish –  The natural bonding pattern is maintained and the verge finished with continuous trim, providing a sleek look and durable finish
  • Stocked Nationwide – Find your local stockist for quick and easy delivery across the UK and Ireland.

For Merchants

  • AvailabilityPerformance Plus solves this key issue for merchants.  It is readily available across the UK and Ireland.
  • Quality Assurance – Eliminates the concern of slate colour inconsistencies and underperforming products (read on for more on the independent BRE results)

Why Choose Performance Plus?

Performance Plus Aluminium Dry Verge has been engineered and tested as a superior alternative to slate and a half.

It has been independently BRE proven to be durable against even the harshest of weather, providing the ultimate in roofline protection.

For a cutting-edge solution that accelerates roofing installations and delivers a sleek, zero-maintenance finish, explore Performance Plus today or get in touch.