Eaves Protector

A simple and effective product to maintain the drainage of water from the batten cavity to the eaves gutter without exposing the underlay to daylight, eliminating the risk of UV degradation to the underlay at this point.

The eaves protector, due to its semi-rigid nature, prevents ponding behind the back of the fascia board.

The eaves protector is simple and easy to install and comes in 1.5m lengths. The eaves protector sits on top of the fascia or fascia ventilator before tiles are laid.
  • The rigid tray will support the leading edge of the underlay and ensure correct drainage into the eaves gutter.
  • Application is simple using roofing nails to secure the system in place.
  • Semi rigid continuous tray supports the underlay at eaves at prevents ponding of water behind the fascia board
  • Replaces the underlay into the eaves gutter eliminating the risk of underlay degradation whilst maintaining correct drainage
  • Manufactured from recycled UPVC and is recyclable

For the Home Owner

  • Worry free, long life solution
  • Standard product installation for roofers

For the Roofer

  • Standard products
  • Products have been designed with the roofer in mind

For the Architect / Professional

  • Prevents ponding of water behind the fascia
  • Ensures correct drainage to the eaves gutter for the life of the roof
  • Standard product installation

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