Kytun Ambi-Fix Dry Verge Unit - Ambidextrous

Kytun Ambi-Fix Dry Verge Unit – Ambidextrous system is designed to provide a mortar free method of fixing profiled single lap verge tiles in a strong and robust fashion.

The Ambi-Fix Dry Verge Unit – Ambidextrous has been independently tested by BRE to BS8612 and complies with both BS5534 and NHBC technical requirements. The ambidextrous interlocking design provides a smart, modern appearance that requires no maintenance.

The system is available in four colours and is ideally suited for use with profiled interlocking single lap roof tiles, between 260 - 355mm batten gauge.

The Kytun Ambi-Fix Dry Verge Unit - Ambidextrous system is suitable for most profiled single lap interlocking tiles on the market. For assistance please contact
  • Meets the requirements of BS 5534
  • Tested to BS 8612 (Independently tested by the BRE)
  • Eliminates the use of mortar
  • Dry Fix piece
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 4 colour options
  • Weatherproof and maintenance free
  • UV stable
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects

For the Home Owner

  • Maintenance free, does not require repairing over time
  • Does not have to worry about mortar cracking & falling out over time
  • Verges are properly covered, will stop rain water penetrating the roof space and high winds blowing off tiles or tiles from the roof

For the Roofer

  • Can be installed in all-weather types, including rain, something which cannot be done when using mortar
  • Handed product results in a neat, sharp finish

For the Architect / Professional

  • Meets BS 5534, BS 8612 requirements & NHBC guidelines

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