REVIEW - Roof Tile Vents

Roof Tile Vents are the perfect choice for domestic and commercial projects which require ventilation to a tiled roof.

North West Aluminium’s range of roof tile vents are designed and tested to provide the required ventilation while maintaining the integrity of your roof covering. Our products can be installed when constructing the roof or as a retrofit option to upgrade the in roof ventilation.

  • Roof Tile vents are used with flat, profiled or rolled roof tiles to provide increased ventilation to the roof space.
  • Profiled match tiles are available or a Universal solution can be offered.
  • Tile vents can also be used as a means to exhaust steam from cookers, showers etc. To achieve this the vents must be connected to the appliance by a flexi pipe and adaptor.
  • Adaptors - Glidevale, Klober and Kytun Adaptors available depending on the tile vent used
  • Flexi pipes - Available in 102mm, 133mm and 152mm diameters with various lengths available.

For the Home Owner

  • Ensure the roof space is ventilated to required standards

For the Roofer

  • Ensure roof ventilation requirements are met
  • Profile match vents help to make the product virtually invisible in the roofline.
  • Connects directly to the flexi pipe, with adaptors required, for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems.

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