Kytun Slate Dry Verge System (T2) PVC

Our Kytun Slate Dry Verge Systems creates a seamless and clean dry verge detail which aesthetically enhances the finish to gable ends on your roofing project.

The Kytun Slate Dry Verge System secures the slates on your roof at the verge. This weathertight system ensures there is no water penetration, with all rainwater directed to the eaves gutter which provides a high level of protection for your roof. As well as being weatherproof, strong and durable, our slate dry verge system is maintenance free.

The Kytun PVC Slate Dry Verge Systems are suitable for most fibre cement and natural slates on the market. Suitable for brick, render and bargeboard construction. The System offers protection to the gable end and comes with a universal jointer for ease of installation.
  • 18mm Version: Suitable for a maximum individual slate thickness of 4-5mm
  • 25mm Version: Suitable for a maximum individual slate thickness of 6-8mm
  • 32mm Version: Suitable for a maximum individual slate thickness of 9-10mm
  • Kytun Slate Dry Verge Systems provide a crisp, sharp edge to the roof verge.
  • Leaves a maintenance-free finish.
  • Increases roof lifespan.
  • Allows natural movement of the roof.
  • Protects the most vulnerable parts of the roof.

For the Home Owner

  • Maintenance-free does not require repairing over time
  • Does not have to worry about mortar cracking & falling out over time
  • Verge edge slates are more securely installed
  • Verges are properly covered, will stop rainwater penetrating the roof space and high winds blowing off Slates from the roof

For the Roofer

  • Can be installed in all-weather types, including rain, something which can’t be done when using mortar
  • Dramatically speeds up the installation time – approximately 50% quicker than using mortar
  • When installing our Kytun Slate Dry Verge Trim, the verge trim gives the roofer a fixed guide to work to which saves time.

For the Architect / Professional

  • Highest quality rapid dry fix system available
  • Certified to BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines
  • Clean aesthetic lines for a sharp finish
  • The Kytun Slate Dry Verge System permanently secures the slate applications on the gable ends, securing the verge from wind uplift and rain.
  • This Kytun Slate Dry Verge System requires no maintenance once installed.
  • Complies with BS 5534, BS8612 requirements & NHBC guidelines.

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