Slate Roof Solar Terminal

For use with Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems. Designed for easy access into the roof space for both electrical cables and water pipes.

Designed to be unobtrusive and for use with the majority of slate sizes.
Moulded in HIPS with UV stable paint.

  • Designed to maintain the integrity of the roof when cables or pipes are routed through the slates
  • Allows user decide on hole size and position
  • Moulded in High Impact polystyrene with applied finish to match black or grey slates.
  • Low profile unit.
  • Complies with the requirements of the NHBC, BS 5250: 2021 and Building Regulations.

For the Home Owner

  • Roof integrity maintained
  • Minimal disruption to roof finish

For the Roofer

  • Standard products
  • Ease of installation

For the Architect / Professional

  • Designed for Solar PV and Solar Thermal applications
  • Standard product installation

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