Slate Roof Vent 6.5k - Inline

Kytun provides a range of In-line Slate vents to ensure our clients' requirements are always met. Inline slate vents are designed to ventilate through the roof slope and form an integral robust part of the roof covering.

The inline vent provides an unobtrusive alternative to our cowl vent range.

The inline slate ventilators can be used at low level or high level where the roof construction does not allow eaves or ridge ventilators to be used. They are particularly suitable for insulation upgrades when the roof covering is not being changed and recommended for these buildings as the solution for ensuring adequate ventilation is provided. Can be used as a roof terminal via integral pipe spigot, compatible with 100mm flexi-pipe.
  • Available in black or grey to blend in with adjacent slates as standard, making the ventilators almost unnoticable once installed
  • Driving rain and deluge rain resistance demonstrated by test data
  • Integral 4mm insect screen, and ventilator throat or extension sleeve meet design requirements of BS 5250
  • Designed and developed under BS EN ISO 9001
  • Universal application for 600mm x 300mm and 500mm and 250mm slates sizes

For the Home Owner

  • Roof integrity maintained
  • Minimal disruption to roof finish
  • Can be connected to extract vents

For the Roofer

  • Standard products
  • Ease of installation

For the Architect / Professional

  • Tested and designed to meet requirements
  • Standard product installation

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