Kytun Cavity Tray Apex - Blockwork

The Apex Tray is the last tray to be fitted and goes at the top of the abutment.

It has upstands at either end and allows the water to be evenly dispersed down either side of the abutment.

  • An apex tray is used at the apex of the roof abutment.
  • One or both stopends can be removed to maintain the coursing of masonry.
  • Any water in the apex tray is discharged to the intermediate trays on either side below the apex tray.
  • Preformed tray holds itself rigid within the wall cavity
  • Sits at the apex allowing moisture to drain off either side
  • Manufactured from durable black polypropylene

For the Home Owner

  • Proven system to ensure no water penetration at abutments.
  • Factory produced product.

For the Roofer

  • Standard product installation.
  • Full technical support available.
  • Installation guide available.

For the Architect / Professional

  • Full technical back up available.
  • Take off service available.
  • Proven, quality system.

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